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Silicon Valley Bank failed due to a combination of extremely poor bank management, weakened regulations and lax government supervision, the Federal Reserve said Friday in a highly-anticipated review

I get so tired of people who only know how to hate trying to tell everyone else who to love.

Last image from Japanese probe Hakuta-r, showing Australia during a solar eclipse.

I beg of you, just say Twitter. Don't say birdsite, or T******, or any other cute thing. Just say Twitter, so people can mute that word and not see your post.

Same with Musk. Or Trump. Or any other thing you think some of your audience doesn't want to see. Just say the word and let people mute that word. Please.

#Fediverse #Twitter #Etiquette

@Khrys Tiens, c'est curieux, ça me rappelle un truc.

« Une Constitution est par elle-même un acte de défiance, puisqu'elle prescrit des limites à l'autorité, et qu'il serait inutile de lui prescrire des limites si vous la supposiez douée d'une infaillible sagesse et d'une éternelle modération. »

– Benjamin Constant, 5 janvier 1800.

D'ailleurs, puisque comme chacun le sait

« Toute société dans laquelle la garantie des droits n'est pas assurée, ni la séparation des pouvoirs déterminée, n'a point de Constitution. »

(DDHC 1789, article 16, celle-là est même plusieurs fois sur le site du CC),

on peut maintenant considérer que le conseil constitutionnel vient d'acter qu'en fait, le truc avec lequel il travail n'est pas une constitution, selon ses propres définitions.

After witnessing a white doctor refuse to treat a sick, elderly Native American woman who later died, Susan La Flesche Picotte decided to become a physician to help her people. Born in 1865, she grew up on Nebraska’s Omaha reservation.

In 1889, Picotte became the first female Native American to earn a medical degree in the U.S. She raised funding & opened Wathill Hospital in 1913 - the first private hospital on a reservation. #HistoryRemix #history #science

Why are GOP politicians and Evangelicals going after trans people? I believe it is because they think that the idea of transgenderism is uncomfortable enough for just enough people that they can “other” this group without much backlash. Once they break down legal, constitutional, and societal barriers to that, they can put additional groups in the “other” box.

The good news — most of us don’t give two fucks what gender people feel is theirs, so long as they’re happy.

The explusion of two Black members of the state house of Tennessee erases any lingering doubt: The GOP is a white supremacist party opposed to democracy.

Republicans see voters as an enemy to be defeated.

DeSantis needs to go. This story needs to be heard and spread.

Things that do not and will not exist:

- a perpetual motion machine.
- a computer solving the halting problem.
- an AI with a trillion parameters, trained on users' data, that preserves privacy and is robust to misinformation and data manipulation.

Have a good start of the week.

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Le bâtiment de l'office français de la biodiversité de Brest a brûlé, la cause de l'incendie ne laisse que peu de doute : il s'agirait des fusées tirées par les #pêcheurs qui manifestent pour finir de défoncer les espaces marins protégés.
Pas de pêcheur dans le coma. Pas de dissolution du syndicat des pêcheurs. Pas de gros titre dans la presse nationale. Et ça n'est pourtant pas la première fois que ces bourrins foutent le feu à un bâtiment public.

What kind of psychopath wants formatting included when pasting?

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