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I'm older so I remember things. Everything you see happening today should be understood this way:

The top tax rate used to be 90% in order to prevent the really rich from destroying democracy.

The corporate tax rate was 50% because corporations exist to serve society.

AND the inheritance tax was really high to keep family dynasties from gaining power over us.

#taxes #democracy

People who say, "The Fediverse doesn't allow search" are literally making that up.

And it's easy to refute.

Do a search for your username on Google or DuckDuckGo, and you'll find so many of your posts.

In your Mastodon account preferences, you can also set how indexable you want to be.

If Fediverse search was impossible, why is so much of the Fediverse indexable by Google?

Like clockwork— Massive protest happening in Zahedan City Iran now, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.” The Baluchi people are one of the backbones of this revolution. They’ve been persecuted against and terrorized by the Islamic Republic so much that their resistance is absolutely admirable. #IRGCTerrorists #iran #iranprotests #iranrevolution #Zahedan #balochistan #WomanLifeFreedom #stopexecutionsiniran

Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu une gravure du meilleur animal du monde (en toute objectivité...) !

L'image et le texte explicatif ont été publiés dans une revue de 1869.
À cette époque le couïa n'était pas répandu en France. C'était une curiosité mais déjà on commençait à s'intéresser à sa fourrure très proche des castors (qu'on faisait disparaitre à toute vitesse).

Son pelage était commercialisé sous le nom de "raconde", appellation probablement à l'origine de "Ragondin"

#Vintage #Histoire #Animaux

MAGA radicals are refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless Biden agrees to devastating cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

I was involved in a similar fight over the debt ceiling twenty-eight years ago, which holds some lessons for what happens now.

Interesting to contrast the moral panic about Wikipedia in the 00s with the unthinking trust folks seem to place in ChatGPT as a research tool.

In 2023, I'm focusing full-time on my transition to environmental work (away from software development).

I am most interested in the technical work of green abundance and environmental repair.

I'm setting a goal of one informational interview per week. Are you, or do you know someone in:

* biology & chemistry of environmental remediation
* computational chemistry, particularly proteins & catalysts
* green manufacturing
* electrification
* carbon sequestration

Boosts and intros appreciated.

Why would the FBI mark MLK as "the most dangerous negro?"

Because he had the ability to move others to peaceful protest with his words. Words. Peaceable assembly. In other words, textbook 1st amendment rights.

The US is so racist, that a Black man exercising his first amendment rights, is considered dangerous. But sure, "let the Nazis talk"🤡

The 1st amendment isn't real if it only applies to white people. Saying "Stop killing us and let us vote" should not trigger FBI attempts to destroy you.

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I just found Mapstodon : a very nice interactive map of #Mastodon instances and their public timeline, grouped by region and interest.

Wyoming republicans are pushing a bill that bans the sale of electric vehicles. The GOP platform is about nothing more than owning the libs, full stop.

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death


Exemple de message difficile à supporter. Du et du partout. Sur Mastodon. Non mais sérieux.

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 2

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* for being more than 20K to follow my art here. It's fantastic.

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #HumanArt

#Linux on the #desktop is becoming more #popular in my home town, but for the wrong reasons.

It's #poverty: many people have no money for a new #laptop or desktop. Their old #computers still work fine, but can't run the latest versions of #Windows.

We backup their data, install #LinuxMint, restore their data, install some extra programs, show them around and they're good to go.

Interestingly no one had problems making the switch so far. All quiet on the support front.

I’m nostalgic for the days when Sarah Palin was the stupidest Republican.

Just came back a whole day learning session on with looms! It was absolutely awesome how simple patterns can give amazing fabrics!

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