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On Mastodon, your private messages can be read by the admin of your instance and the admin of the instance of your correspondent.

As it was always the case with the good old email.

On Twitter, your private messages can be read by Elon Musk, his friends and people with enough money to make a deal with him.

As it was always the case with good old capitalism.

I want more ordinary people to see computers, including smartphones as tools they can modify to do anything instead of passive content receiving devices.

I want more people to see eliminating a human suffering due to poverty as a matter of personal honor.

I want to challenge the idea that having a lot money means you should have a lot of power over others.

🧵 Si vous êtes inscrits sur les instances ou (que j'appellerai dans ce thread "S&O"), il va falloir qu'on parle, pour votre bien, avant que ça ne dérape.
Et si vous arrivez depuis peu sur Mastodon, je suis désolé pour ce qui suit (mais il y a une solution).

Voilà : votre instance se fait de plus en plus invisibiliser/bloquer par d'autres instances. Ce qui signifie que vous perdez progressivement accès à vos voisins.

Quoi ? Mais pourquoi ?


Ok, Mastodon…let’s try this out.

I’m still gonna stick around over on Twitter until the bitter end, but I want to try to get this new world figured out in the meantime!

Any tips…?

#startrek #sevenofnine #twitterrefugee

Today is #TransDayofRemembrance when we honor and remember trans lives taken by violence. How horrifying that a deadly attack upon the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs should occur right before this solemn day.
Hate isn’t born in us. It is taught. It must end.
This starts with our political leaders, who must cease their cynical attacks against our community before another attack occurs.
Call out the hate. Remind them of its consequences. Hold them to account.

The constant winds to the northeast along the axis of #LakeErie has piled water up on the eastern end of the Lake. #BuffaloStorm2022 #BuffaloNY #LakeEffect

A warning about deactivating your birdsite account 

Your Twitter handle can be registered by anyone 30 days after deactivation. If impersonation is in your threat model, lock your account and park it.

"ActivityPub Four Years Later: The Good, the Bad, and the Fedi" by @rolltime

A friend just linked me to this talk; it is a great overview of where we're at with ActivityPub and the fediverse, from a technical and cultural POV.


Now that we're learning this lesson that centralized silos are brittle and operate in the interest of the owners not the users...

...please note the move toward centralizing podcasts into apps from Amazon/Audible, Spotify, iHeart, YouTube, TikTok etc.

If you like podcasts, use an RSS-based podcast player. Support the open ecosystem. We can only survive if you clearly see the threat and act supportively.

KEEP IN MIND! #Mastodon doesn't work like #Twitter!

Have you just made the #Twexit or the #TwitterMigration?

Favorites ⭐ - they're not "likes". They don't "elevate" posts, they just the poster know you liked their post.

Boosts 🔁 - these push someone's post into your friends feeds (and help discovery).

So if you ⭐ my posts, that's great (and I love you too)!

But if you 🔁 posts, then more people see them!

OH! - #Hashtags are how you search!

#mastodon #MastodonTips

I waited and waited until the unknown woman was in the right spot; I needed her as scale for you to see the size of the chevron folds.
Carboniferous rocks folded during the Variscan orogeny, in Millook Haven, #Cornwall
Been there three times, always in awe.
#FridayFold #Geology #photography #nature

Demain à 19h, c'est le remplissage de la boutique en ligne sur!

People grumbling that #Mastodon is slow at the moment... You just turned up with 1 million people in a tiny, rural village and you're complaining there's a queue to get into the only tearoom, which is run by gay pensioners Babs & Maureen as a retirement hobby on Mons-Weds. Relax!

soapboxing on why masto is different from twitter 

So, some are suggesting that the wave of severances from twitter are going to result in an influx from birdsite. Yeah, the fediverse will see increased numbers.

Thats a given. and thank you to are magnanimous admins for putting in the work to keep our instances from exploding.

However.... /however/. This place isn't twitter. It was a point I was trying to make over there before I left. The biggest difference here is that site admins and moderation teams have the power to tell people to fuck off.

Everyone knows your dog whistles. Everyone knows your not-so-subtle bullshit. You pull that here, and site admins/mods will fucking can you. and if they don't, because you're on a free speech instance, mods on other servers will can you, and your instance. and if /THEY/ don't, the users can you and your entire instance. In a nut shell, multi-tired moderation is a big difference.

No quote tweets. No villains of the day because of the algorithm guiding you towards the spicy takes, no advertisements, no brands. I've only been here for a few weeks. I have less than 1/10th the followers I had on bird site, and its so much better.

This place isn't twitter. That means many will try it, and either "not get it" or "not care for it" or just not understand "the vibe". I don't think this place becomes an eternal september. I don't think it becomes an endless flood of new people refusing to play nice. But.... I guess we'll see.

Does anyone remember the end of The Truman Show? Where he finally leaves the set and everyone's left staring at blank TVs and wondering what to do with their lives?

No reason.

If you run a #PeerTube instance (or if you can contact your PeerTube admin), please be informed that the #update 4.3.1 released today comes with a #security fix.
Please update!

I've figured out what pisses me off so much about Facebook's Galactica demo.

It's not because people can use to to write bad essays for their homework. There are plenty of large language models that can do that. It's because Facebook is presenting it as something that it most definitely is not.

Facebook is selling it as a knowledge engine, a "new interface to access and manipulate what we know about the universe."

Actually it's just a random bullshit generator.

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