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Authorities in #Paris announced that #TikTok, #Twitter and other well-known programs will no longer be allowed on government employees' mobile devices because they provide insufficient security and data protection Friday.

So let me get this right:

Cops busted in Afroman's gate and door, breaking both of them.

Then they tore his house apart looking for drug and human trafficking evidence, but found neither.

They traumatized his family.

They stole his money and did not return all of it.

They disconnected his camera system once they realized they were being recorded (too late fuckos!)

Now they're suing him for invasion of privacy because he made them look like fucking clowns? In his own house? This country is a fucking joke, and if there was any justice this would be thrown out and his countersuit would bankrupt the sheriff's dept.

As Lake Champlain trout rebound, hatchery stocking of fish is being reduced. Great news for the Lake Champlain ecosystem!

It seems appropriate that blue checks on #Twitter will become even more meaningless on April Fools Day.

#UPDATE Humanity's "lifeblood" -- water -- is increasingly at risk around the world due to "vampiric overconsumption and overdevelopment," the UN warned in a report, published hours ahead of a major summit on the issue was set to begin Wednesday

It’s crazy for Trump to claim he’s the victim of a witch hunt. He’s nothing like a witch. Witches have clear moral values, and are generally better dressed.

Money is fake.

People invented it.

Same with the economy.

Stop listening to people who treat either of those things like untouchable forces of nature completely divorced from human influence.

Au fait, vu que personne ne le lie (parce que personne ne le lit), voici le lien vers la synthèse du GIEC en question :

Minnesota's House passed the "Reproductive Freedom Defense Act," which shields women who travel to the state for abortions. The bill prohibits state courts & law enforcement from cooperating with authorities outside Minnesota #SomeGoodNews

Happy March Equinox!

Today is the first day of autumn🍂 in Chile, & the first day of spring🌸 for the northern hemisphere.

Astronomically, the Earth's axial tilt is exactly perpendicular to the sun's light. That means day & night both last about 12 hours everywhere on the globe!

#astrodon #autumn #spring #equinox

Happy March Equinox! 🌞

Understanding seasons - incoming solar radiation around the two equinoxes (sun passes over the equator).

Download visualization at

Today #Finland celebrates the day of social equality; the day of Minna Canth (yes, the pronunciation is very close to cunt).

Here's one quotation from her writings, located on a bench in a park named after her in the city of #Kuopio. Translation:

"Long live the men with intelligence. The stupid ones may preferably die."

That's the #attitude of many of the Finnish ladies for you, dear rest of the world!

#SocialEquality #equality #tasaarvo #MinnaCanth #Canth #Suomi #Finlande #Finnland

Mount #Etna on Sicily March 19, 2021, with its 15th explosive eruption since the beginning of increased activity after one month.
Note the grey to dark color of eruption column, showing a mix of volcanic fragments & vapor 🌋

This is an image taken in radio by an array of 64 South African radio telescopes called 'MeerKAT'. The black hole is in the middle; the arc to its left and the smaller filaments are still somewhat mysterious.

I should learn more about all this and try to explain it!

In the meantime, to read more about the Galactic Center, and see more pictures, try this:


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