“White ignorance” == Strategic ignorance

Whiteness ability to leverage systems, institutions, and policies of white supremacy and anti-Blackness to shield itself from challenges and accountability is BEYOND “willfulness”…it’s calculated AND strategic

I was a kid when the Rodney King incident became national news.

I was a teenager when NYPD officers sadistically brutalized Abner Louima and killed Amadou Diallo in cold blood.

Watching our “law enforcement” situation spiral out of control for my entire life has been one thing; Watching our country’s leadership do absolutely nothing about it is quite another.

Any visitor to Berlin must be struck by the frank and painful public reminders, large and small, of the most shameful episodes in Germany’s history. And struck, by contrast, at how we Americans bury ours.

"Twitter is the PvP of social media."

That's what Elon Musk said last night.

If you're not a gamer, "PvP" means "Player vs. Player" -- and it denotes shooting games where the goal is to destroy your opponent.

Think the online versions of Halo or Call of Duty -- that's the jist of PvP.

PvP is Elon Musk's vision for Twitter -- that's what he wants it to become.

Think it was bad before? Twitter will become more combative, more divisive, more driven by rage.

PvP is the future of Twitter.

Too many people still don't know Cop City— an attempt to cut down an Atlanta greenspace and neighbourhood food forest to build a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY urban warfare training facility— is happening, let alone that APD has tear-gassed and even killed people protesting against them.

They claim that the protestor they killed shot at them first, but somehow, miraculously, only have video of the after-action, not the incident itself.

Y'know, back in 2014 many of us believed the proliferation of body cameras for cops would mean real oversight and accountability. Within months it became clear that the cameras would mean nothing, and not JUST because the cops themselves would oversee the footage rather than a 3rd party.

No, we realised then, and have had it proven time and time again, that bodycams don't mean shit for accountability, because no matter how much police negligence and malfeasance the videos show, LARGE SWATHES of the public and the media will go out of their way to excuse COPS' behaviour, and blame the victims for their own deaths. Especially if those victims aren't white.

Anyway. Check the tag #StopCopCity on some other platforms.

I’m really okay with Mastodon not being like twitter. It’s why I’m here, ya know?

So much so that every time I see a new app or suggestion that supposedly makes the experience “much more like twitter,” I block them. Stay away!

It’s like moving to a lovely small town and hearing someone ask where is the Starbucks. Just… no.

Soft launching a curated directory of Fediverse servers to join:


To be listed, a site has to:

-Obey the Mastodon Covenant (but doesn't have to be running Mastodon)

-Have fewer than 50,000 registered members

-Be open for public registration, either directly or through requests

Unlike, this site will accept non-Mastodon instances, and has an upper size limit

Unlike etc this site is curated.


What most people perceive as "the Mastodon social network" is actually the Fediverse.

However, you can use Mastodon without the Fediverse.

It's just incredibly silly to do that.

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The mentally ill are not the reason rage shootings happen. Mentally ill people are more likely to be victims in these crimes than the perpetrators. Stop painting the mentally ill with the same broad brush as racists, extremists, bigots and assholes. We have societal issues unique to the US that need to be addressed, until then, we will continue to have rage shootings.

Yeah, I'm excited about the growth of the Fediverse ecosystem and I'm indeed optimistic about where this is going.

However, I hope we also have the good sense to critique the current ecosystem as it exists now.

Decentralization of social media becomes less feasible if app developers keep centralizing on Mastodon.

We can't let Mastodon become the Fediverse's bottleneck.

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Looks like Meta is about to contract Majorel to do moderation for Facebook.

Majorel already does moderation for TikTok.

Apparently, working conditions at Majorel are appalling!

There have been 37 mass shootings this year. Today is the 23rd day of the year.

Doxxing myself. I got laid off from Google, I was a Datacenter Technician maintaining their server infrastructure. If anyone has any job opportunities or leads hit me up. repeats appreciated too.

Georgia election officials, supported by the Republican Party, tried to prevent 70,000 citizens from voting on a Saturday before the Senate runoff election.While Republicans didn’t get away with it, the fact that they tried should be a national outrage.

I'm really tired of having to explain mass shootings, lack of healthcare, and Daylight "Savings" Time to my foreign co-workers in civilized countries.

When the profit motive doesn't align with the goal, then that system should never be for profit and should be run by a government institution with oversight.

Healthcare gets profits from sick people. Society wants & needs healthy people - goals don't align.

Schools get profits from enrolling the most students. Children learn best in smaller classrooms - goals don't align.

Prisons make money with more prisoners. Society wants people to reform & stop committing crimes - goals don't align.

Easy to determine what should be market driven & what shouldn't.

Je suis "triste-colère" !!!!
Baromètre Sexisme 2023
Le rapport est là :
23% des jeunes hommes considèrent qu'il faut parfois être violent pour se faire respecter
Les jeunes hommes sont beaucoup moins nombreux que leurs ainés à considérer que l'image des femmes véhiculée dans les contenus pornographiques est un problème (49% contre 79% des 65 ans et plus).

The right focuses on a culture war because they can’t win on policy. Their only policy is further enriching robber barons.

The best way to distract low information voters is to stoke fears of encroaching otherness.

Please keep that in mind when they attack trans people, irreligious people or the Fear du Jour.

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