Trust on the Fedi; Don't Trust Me! 

@mekkaokereke has a great thread about tooling and moderation in the Fediverse, and how it should be easier to subscribe to blocklists or curate your own, how it should be something new admins can start with by default.

In particular, he said something that I want to talk about.


I'm going to name some names here... I don't trust @oliphant . I don't trust me! I don't trust anyone.🤷🏿‍♂️

Or rather, I should say that I don't trust that I will always trust them. They could turn weird on me! Or become compromised.

But I do trust their judgement that they don't even trust themselves.🙂🙃


He's dead on.

I'm just "some guy." You shouldn't really trust me, at least not without some qualifications.

No gods, no masters.

But if you do put trust in me, at least provisionally, I am honored and grateful.

I have my own privilege to deal with here in several respects, so I don't really take it personally when someone tells me they don't trust me or my motives.

White people should not, in my opinion, do it for the praise. We've had an entire lifetime of being inculcated with the idea that our comfort and sense of "goodness" are the most important goddamned things in the world.

I have to intentionally, on a regular basis, give that up. I have to remind myself, on a regular basis, to give that up. But it used to be the first tool in the toolbox I reached for, and I have to slap my own hands away from reaching for it.

I'm getting better at it, to the point where it's not the first thing I reach for anymore, but the tool is still there. It will always be there.

And I tend to believe that as soon as I become complacent, as soon as I pat myself on the back and say "my work is done", that's when I'll start reaching for that tool again.

Quite simply, by virtue of the society and culture I was raised in, I'm "suspect."

I'm trying, but no one is obligated to trust that.

I don't do this to be popular or for praise. I'm honestly a bit uncomfortable with that. I do it because early on in the Fedi I was talking some opinionated white bullshit, and one person cut through all the noise and simply asked me what I was doing to address the issue--what knowledge or expertise or labor I might be able to provide--rather than treating it as inevitable.

I don't remember who that person was, but I owe her a lot.

I don't think this is really about me, I just filled a need at a time when nothing like this existed.

I keep saying the day will come when all of this work I've done will be obsolete. Other people will take over, other sources, and we'll have much better tools like what @mekkaokereke is describing in his thread that will largely make all of what I've done unnecessary.

The tools will one day be in your hands, or at least in the hands of a server admin, who will look to their own "trusted sources" and their own list sources.

And I'll be forgotten, and that's okay.

In the meantime, people are still encountering poast in the wild. Poast! Fuck! This is an easy block!

Trump never took rules about documents seriously. To him? It's all pencil-necked, nerd-librarian stuff. Can't possibly matter for such an Important Man. Even as they asked (and asked again) for him to simply follow the law. It's a core element of his identity never to step-n-fetch for such people.

At the same time, he understands, in some intuitive gut-reasoned way: information is power. Secrets are power. Oh! But *this* is something only he can see ... being so much smarter than all of us.

Import from Instagram to @pixelfed is working flawlessly and will be rolling out later this weekend!

Could ANYONE at Mar a Lago use this bathroom and, you know, just grab some reading material?

I am glad to be of assistance! It's been around 10 to 12 years since I wrote a tutorial, but someone recently found it useful

Meanwhile on Windows 11 in the UK right now…
Senior programmer to intern:
“Remember, the Brits don’t say zip, the say postcode!”
Senior programmer:
‘’Change every instance of Zip to postcode”

The opposite of “return to office” advocates isn’t “work from home” advocates. It’s a rich tapestry of “open offices are distracting” people and “I’ve never gone this long without being sick” people and “commutes are a waste of time I don’t get paid for” people and “I’m an introvert and playing house with coworkers sucks the life out of me” people and “I have a family and appreciate the flexibility” people and “I primarily communicated with coworkers through Slack anyway” people and “no one wa…

Interesting to see some of the people who denied the science of masks for preventing coronavirus transmission suddenly accepting that masks protect us from wildfire particles. It’s clear their stance against masks for #COVID wasn’t based on data, but was due to political beliefs.

The #wildfires in #Quebec are a result of unusually warm and dry conditions, consistent with what we expect due to #ClimateChange. What is burning right now is ~equal to 10 or more years of normal fires in #Quebec. Let's hope the region shifts out of dry atmospheric conditions soon, because otherwise it's going to be a long terrible #summer for Quebec, #Canada, and the US. #AirQuality

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome sounds like one of those diseases like Hysteria, where the doctor doesn't know what's wrong with you, but is just tired of dealing with it.

You're bowels, they're uh....Irritable.

Together with @LaQuadrature we are actively pushing back against unproductive and alarmist narratives that aim to misrepresent people's motivations for using privacy enhancing technologies.

"Is this cough from the deadly pandemic or just the wildfires polluting the air" is the most dystopian question I've asked myself in a while

The sky is almost fully orange, sun is definitely orange, and you can't see too far. Breathing can be at times difficult and your eyes are ticklish ...

Looks like the smoke is funneled our way

“Why do you use Signal and all this Encryption!
Do you have anything to hide? 😡“

Yes! I do!

- The color of my underwear
- My friends’ cats photos
- My failed gym class grades
- My first attempt at "portrait"
- The outcome of my last meal
- The weird mole on my left toe
- How much I cried watching Star Trek
- How much cheese there is in my fridge
- My failed knitting experiment
- The horrible poem I just wrote
- My bank card pin number
- My social security number
- My main password
- The web search history for your birthday gift

Privacy is a Human Right! ✊

Not sharing publicly what you do not wish to share is your right! 🔒✨

#Privacy #Encryption #E2EE #RootForE2EE 🎉

Bande d’ongulés.
🦬 🐃 🦏 🦒 🐘 🦛 🦌 🦓 🐪

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